About Us

Working along side our kennels in Burwash we operate a fully qualified independent dog section. All our dogs and handlers are fully trained to cope with any situation. Patrol dogs are a highly effective deterrent, ideal in volatile environments, and provide the ultimate protection of your assets, without the expenditure of additional guards.

Uniformed, insured, SIA licensed and trained, our K9 units carry out their duties with a firm and courteous manner at all times. Any areas of operation have high visibility signs indicating the security prescence and are positioned at every entrance and exit point as well as randomly around the perimeter. All our dogs are trained to carry out a building search and indication pickup quickly, thus allowing for effective intruder detection. We abide by the codes of practice as laid down by NASDU and the BIPDT and comply with the codes of practice of BS8517-1:2009 for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs.

We also ensure we operate within the law to comply with the Guard Dog Act 1975 and the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1989/91.

Why not ask for a demonstration of their effectiveness?

One trained guard dog and dog handler unit can replace several security officers

  • Where a security officer may be limited by their sense of vision, a guard dog can detect, locate and indicate an intruder or potential threat. The mere presence of our security dog and handler teams is a proven deterrent. Our guard dogs are trained to challenge intruders, track them and preserve evidence for the police.
  • All K9 sussex security dogs receive regular training and continuous ongoing assessment with their handlers. Our security dogs and handlers develop close working relationships from guarding, training and living together. This results in a formidable team, with our dog handlers specifically selected for their communication and people skills.
  • We provide security for business premises, industrial sites, building sites, schools, colleges, stables, yards, events and functions.
  • We can offer you a mobile security patrol, to visit when it suits you, or as many times a night as you wish. Alternatively, you may require a 24 hour a day security presence.
  • We can provide an alarm response. If your alarm sounds at any time of the day or night, we can attend to search the area for intruders, call the police as needed, and even undertake works to safely re-secure your property.
  • Alternatively, we can offer an escort to take you safely around a site where your alarm is sounding.

  • Your reputation is safe with K9 sussex security professional security teams acting for you.